Story Time

5th and 6th Class are working on narrative writing. Meadhbh from 6th Class has written a fantastic story on the theme of cyberbullying which fits in perfectly with Safer Internet Day! 


A Problem Shared Is a Problem Halved

It was a normal sunny Tuesday morning but for Owen it was a day he didn’t want to be in. Owen is a normal fourteen year old boy who lives with in Drogheda with his mam. He likes to play football and Gaelic. Owen was on his way to school as usual. Owen got into class to see a new girl. Owen could hear that her name was Kate. Kate was a tall, slim, brown haired girl with hazel eyes and red rosy cheeks. Owen went over to her to say hi. “Hi my name is Owen “.

”Hi I’m Kate“. Then the teacher came in and told everyone to sit down. When class was over Kate was walking down the hall and heard someone in the supplies closet. She opened the door only to see Owen looking into his phone with a sad look on his face. “What’s wrong?” asked Kate.

“Nothing” said Owen looking up at her.

“But I saw you looking at your phone like your dog had just died.”

“I’m fine. But while you’re here do you want to get some food?”

“Ok let’s go.” What had being going on with Owen was he was on Facebook and was getting really mean nasty comments. It was getting worse and Owen was receiving texts from a no caller id. Owen had not told anyone what was happening so he felt all alone. Over lunch Kate and Owen talked and they have a lot in common. They were getting on really well and even exchanged phone numbers. School was over now and Owen made his way home.

When he got home Owen did his homework. Later that night Kate called “Hi Owen this is Kate, do you want to hang out?”

“Yeah sure” said Owen. Owen met up with Kate in the park,  they sat beside a tree. About a hour and a half went by and Kate asked “What was wrong with you today?”

“Nothing I’m fine.”

“Owen I haven’t known you that long but I know you well enough to know something is wrong. You can trust me please”.

“Ok fine.” Owen told Kate what was going on on Facebook and with the texts. Kate looked at Owen and said “Thank you for telling me.” Kate gave Owen a hug and said “You will get through it, I am going to help you.”

“Thank you” said Owen .

A few months passed and Owen and Kate became best friends. Owen had stopped being bullied and he owed it all to Kate. Just by telling someone it made it all go away. You can always tell someone if something is bothering you.