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The essential function of the Board of Management will be to ensure effective educational management and provision in a school. A board will provide a management and support structure, which will enable the Principal and staff to achieve the aims and objective of the school on a day to day basis. A Board of Management will be appointed for a period of four years.

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Current Board Members

The current Board of Management of Scoil Cholmcille (2023-2027) is composed of the following members:

Chairperson:                   Mr. Joe Collins

Principal Teacher:            Ms. Lorraine O’ Loughlin

Teacher Nominee:           Ms. Mary Clayton

Patrons Nominee:            Fr. Mark English

Parents Nominees:           Mrs. Emma Keane & David Cannon

Community Nominees:     Mr. Richard Bowden & Mrs. Suzanne Conlon

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The Board consists of 2 elected Parents – 1 Father and 1 Mother; 2 Nominees of the Patron, i.e. the Bishop, 2 Teachers (Principal + 1 other teacher) and 2 people from the local community making a total of 8 members on the Board.

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There is a basic requirement of 5 meetings per year. However, should any issues arise there may be more meetings needed.

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