General Information

Dear Parents,

The information below is designed to keep you informed about school policy, rules and procedures. We hope you will read it and use it as a reference.

All school rules are subject to review over a period of time and these rules are no exception.  The rules of our school are designed to protect persons and property and to contribute to the orderly running of the school. We expect and depend on the fullest co-operation of parents in ensuring that these rules are kept.

On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank all parents for the support and co- operation they have given to our school over the years and we look forward to it continuing in the months and years ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Lorraine O’ Loughlin Principal


General Information

School Timetable

School begins at 8.50 am daily. Pupils who arrive in the school yard before 8.50 am will not be supervised and the Board of Management will not accept responsibility for them before 8.50 am.


Morning Break 10.40am
Break Ends 11.00am
Lunch Break 12.30pm
Lunch Break Ends 12.50 pm
Infant Pupils Released 1.30 pm
School Day Ends 2.30 pm


Parents are requested to collect their children at the closing time of the school, especially the parents of the infant pupils at 1.30pm as the teacher of this class may have other responsibilities to perform within the school.

School Yard Procedures

Pupils are supervised in the school playground by a member of staff.  The teacher on playground supervision is responsible for treating or looking after any pupil who is injured during recreational break. If an injury is in any way serious or if a number of incidents happen simultaneously, other members of staff are called upon to assist. Parents or guardians are summoned if possible where an injury is more that just superficial and arrangements are made to have a child either brought home or to a doctor. A First Aid Kit with basic medical equipment is available in the school. However, no attempt to provide anything other that basic medical attention will be made, as this is the role of those in the medical profession.

School Activities & Facilities

  • School Sports/ Activities

At various times throughout the school year the pupils take part in the inter school Gaelic, soccer, rounders and basketball.


  • The School Library

Each class has a well-stocked library with a wide selection of picture books, story books, novels and reference books to suit all levels of reading ability.


  • IT – Technology

Each classroom is equipped with a number of computers and interactive whiteboards. We have a class set of tablets and access to student laptops. The school has access to e-mail and the internet.

Our e-mail address is [email protected]

The school website is

Religious Education

As a Catholic School we follow the Grow in Love Religious programme. In preparing the pupils for the Sacraments, we as a staff work with the priests of the parish and the parents/guardians to help pupils become full members of the Christian Community. Prayers and religious instruction are part of the everyday life of the school.


Needy Causes

At various times during the school year the pupil’s support charitable causes such as St. Vincent’s de Paul Christmas Toy Appeal and the Concern Christmas Fast. This helps in the development of social conscience.

School Meetings

  • Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are usually held in the early part (i.e. the first month) of each term.

  • Parent Teacher Meetings

There is a formal Parent – Teacher meeting held once every school year. This is usually held in the first term.


Parents are encouraged to inform the school if they have particular concerns or if their child is experiencing difficulties during the year. To arrange a meeting with the class teacher/Principal teacher, parents are asked to make a request by calling to the school or by phone or letter. The teacher will then contact the parents to arrange a mutually suitable time. It is standard procedure for the teacher to be accompanied by the Principal or another teacher.

Class Dojo

Scoil Cholmcille, Mount Hanover uses ClassDojo to create a secure communication platform that teachers, students and families can use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom and home through photos, videos, and messages. It has a reward component and a communication system.   Connecting with your child’s teacher on ClassDojo will allow you to do the following:
  • Review the last two weeks of points your child received
  • Safely message with your child’s teacher
  • View, like, and comment on the pictures and/or videos that your child’s teacher posts to Class Story
  • View, like, and comment on the pictures, videos, text entries, and/or drawings that your child or child’s teacher post to your child’s Portfolio
  • View whole-school news posted to School Story
  You will receive a unique email that will allow you to connect to your child’s class and teacher. Once you have created a parent account, teachers will be able to send you a unique code or link for your child’s account that will give them access to a student account, their portfolio and Class Story.  
  • Class Dojo is only available to parents and children registered at the school.
  • Parents are reminded that they should not take images from Class Dojo and post them elsewhere online.
  • The messaging system can be used to keep in contact with your child’s teacher about learning and any ClassDojo related topics.
  • Parents can message teachers, however a response will only be given during school hours, Monday-Friday, as the rest of the time teachers are set on ‘quiet hours’.

More Info

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Hot School Meals

The children have all received their activation codes for ‘The Lunch Bag’. Please follow the instructions to get set up on the app and order the meals for the week ahead.

Our first day for the delivery of meals is Monday April 22nd.

Children will be given a free hot meal for their ‘big lunch’. We advise that you keep their morning snack to a minimum (small piece of fruit/yogurt) to ensure they are hungry enough to now begin to eat a hot meal for their second break. Please ensure you also send a drink.

Each student will be given a compostable box with their name, class and order on it. These individual boxes will be delivered directly to their classroom at lunch time. Each child will be given a compostable fork and napkin to help them eat.

On Monday, the children will receive a lunchbox. They will bring home their waste in this box. Please remember to send the lunchbox in with them everyday.

School Personnel

See the staff of Scoil Cholmcille, Mount Hanover.

School Policies

View our school policies regularly here.

Code of Discipline

View details of our Code of Discipline here


Booklist for each class can be viewed here.


Information on our schools uniform here.

Homework & Assessment

Information on our schools homework and assessments

Contact Us

If you have any issues or queries get in touch.


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The children have all received their activation codes for ‘The Lunch Bag’. Please follow the instructions to get set up on the app and order

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