Senior Infants Class

Welcome to Ms. Brigid O'Donnell's Senior Infants Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Here is a copy of the school calendar for 2023/2024:

Our Classroom News!

Back to School!!!

Looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school tomorrow!

Staff List 2023/2024:

Junior Infants: Ms Mary Clayton

Senior Infants: Ms Brigid O Donnell

1st/2nd: Ms Lisa Maher

3rd/4th: Mr Padraig McGroggan

5th/6th: Ms Lorraine O’Loughlin

SET: Ms Laura McGinty

SNA: Mrs Mary Kennedy

Secretary: Mrs Jennifer Donoghue

Art and Craft material, photocopying and stationery:                                   €40

Personal Pupil Insurance (24hr cover) **Optional**                                    €9

Payment can be made online through the following portal:

Please ensure payment is made on or before Friday September 22nd 2023

See you all at 8.50am tomorrow!!

Re-Opening August 2021

The Department of Education have published advice for parents as we prepare to return to school on August 31st.

Please follow the link below to view the material.

Please use the following links to access up to date information on the return to school.

  • Information for Parents:
    1. Posters for Parents re returning to school in September 2021 – click here 
    2. Video for parents of children in Junior Infants  –
    3. Video for parents of children Senior Infants – RII –
    4. Video for parents of children RIII – RVI –
    5. A Parent’s Guide to Close Contacts – click here
    6. Multi-lingual advice for parents – click here
    7. Department letter re school transport for parents – click here
  • Reminders for Parents:
    • Do not congregate at or near school during drop off and collection times
    • Communication with the school must take place by phone or online
    • Do not to send children to school if they are:
      • close contacts of a person with COVID-19
      • are awaiting a test
      • are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
      • if they live with someone who has symptoms of the virus
      • if they have travelled outside of Ireland (see latest Govt. advice – click here

Junior & Senior Infants:

Our Aistear Theme for the Month of April is ‘Living Things’.

Take a look at some of our wonderful work!

Return to School: FAQ’s

Please see below the following arrangements that will be in place for the safe re-opening of our school.

Return to school of pupils:

All pupils will be in school from Monday March 15th. There will be a staggered drop off in place from 8.50 am – 9.20 pm.

A “drop and go” system will be in place. Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the school yard.
Children (3rd-6th Class) are to bring their class boxes back with them on Monday and the staff on yard will help them to carry the boxes.


The pupils will all use the side door to enter and leave the building like they were doing in Term 1.

Lunch/Break Times:

We will have two 2 x 20 minute staggered break times:

Lower Half of the School:
o Infants
o 3rd & 4th Class
▪ Break Time: 10.40 – 11.00
▪ Lunch Time: 12.30 – 12.50

Upper Half of the school:
o 1st /2nd
o 5th /6th Class
▪ Break Time: 11.10 – 11.30
▪ Lunch Time: 1.00 – 1.20

Home time:

Pupils will leave via the side door and will be walked to the school gates.
Parents will collect their child from the school gate.
Don’t delay, Drive away – no gathering of parents will be permitted.
Parents must wear a mask when stepping out of the car.

Please arrive at your appointed time only to help ease congestion and to leave the parking spaces free for those on earlier collection times.

Summary of Collection Times:
1.45 Stop, pick up go –Junior & Senior Infants
2.30 Bus (Pat’s Bus)
2.35 Bus (Mick’s Bus)
2.40 Stop, pick up go – 1st / 2nd & Siblings in other classes
2.45 Stop, pick up go – 3rd / 4th & siblings
2.50 Stop, pick up go – 5th/6th Class (remaining children)

Symptoms of Covid 19:

If your child displays any of the following symptoms, they should not come to school: High temperature, cough, loss of smell/taste, shortness of breath, and flu like symptoms.

If we suspect any change in the baseline health of your child during the school day, we will call you immediately for you to collect your child. The child will then wait in the isolation room until they are collected.


All staff will wear medical grade masks.
Pupils do not have to wear masks but they may do so if they wish.

Hand washing and Sanitisers:

Sanitisers are in place in every classroom/main area/exits and entrances etc.
Pupils will sanitise their hands upon arrival.
Pupils will hand wash before and after eating and outdoor break times.
They will sanitise regularly during the school day.


The classroom windows and doors will be opened fully in the mornings, at break & lunch times and when pupils finish school.
They will be opened slightly when the pupils are in the class.
Pupils should wear an extra layer of clothing to allow for current weather.

Return to School Form for each pupil:

Please complete the “Back to School” Declaration prior to your child returning on March 15th.

Pupils cannot return to school without this form.

Training videos:

Please watch the following video to familiarise you and your child with protocols for maintaining the best possible safety standards in our school.
Video on how to wash hands.

Student Corner

Notes & Reminders

Infant Day:

8:50: Drop Off

1.30: Infant Home Time

General Notes:

Tracksuit to be worn on PE day only

Healthy Eating Policy:

At Scoil Cholmcille, we have a healthy eating policy. The children are encouraged to eat fruit and veg. Sweets, chocolate, biscuits and crisps are not allowed in school.

As Scoil Cholmcille is a NUT FREE SCHOOL, we would ask that parents do not give their children nut products for lunch.

Useful Class Links

English Curriculum and ICT Links

Oral Language:

Letter Stories

Listen and Respond


Starfall Poetry


Starfall Reading


Sky Writer Letters

Class Booklist

Reading Corner

Nothing Found, Stay Tuned Though!

Extra Information

NCCA: National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

General Curriculum Information for Parents

Please click link below to view a podcast, tip sheets and video clips that will tell you about the maths your child will learn in junior and senior infants and give you tips about how you can help your child at home.

Helping your Child at Home with Maths

Raising Boys Achievement

Encouraging Boys: Five Top tips for getting boys reading by: Gary Wilson