September Notes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please take note of the following items of information:

  1. Pupil Personal Accident Insurance:

The Pupil Personal Accident Insurance scheme will continue as before.  The cost per pupil for 24 hour cover is €9 and for school activities is €6. If you are taking part in the scheme please return the form before Tuesday 22nd September.

  1. Credit Union:

The Credit Union will resume in October.  More details to follow later.

  1. Enrolment:

If you have a son or daughter under the age of five and not yet enrolled, please request an application for enrolment.

  1. Pupil Information Form:

Has any of the information on the Pupil Information form changed since last year?  If there are any changes to house phone number, mobile numbers, or contact in case of emergency please request a new form.

  1. Healthy Lunch:

Children need a good breakfast to start the day.  Children are asked to bring a healthy lunch.  Children should not bring sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks or crisps.  Glass bottles, cans and chewing gum are also forbidden. We have been chosen as a participating school for “Food Dudes” this year. This programme encourages children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Please see for more details.

  1. School Uniform:

School uniform must be worn daily and school tracksuit on P.E. days only.

  1. School Parking:

Please be aware that traffic at the school at opening and closing times can be very busy.  There are allocated parking spaces for school staff and the school buses.

  1. Sacramental Dates:


Enrolment Ceremony November 12th at 7pm

First Confession: February 3rd at 7pm

Communion: May 28th at 11 am


Commitment Ceremony: December 3rd at 7pm

Confirmation: May 20th at 11 am.

  1. Parent Teacher Meetings:

Parent teacher meetings will be held on October 12th and 13th this year. You will receive a time slot from the class teacher in the coming weeks.

Thanking you.

Ms. Lorraine O’ Loughlin