Proclamation Day 2016

Proclamation Day 2016

Today, March 15th,  we celebrated Proclamation Day.

We were blessed with great weather as part of our ceremony took place outdoors.

The day began with the raising of our National Flag. This is the flag that was delivered by the Defense Forces in January 2016. Megan and Jack helped to raise the flag.

Once the flag was flying high we sang the national anthem. The children were in fine voice led by Mrs. Ryan and the other teachers.

Following on from the national anthem we listened to the children from 5th & 6th class read the 1916 Proclamation. Thank you to Ellen, Jamie D, Alan and Devin for such a great delivery of the original proclamation.

After we listened to the 1916 proclamation it was time for the children to read our ‘Proclamation for a New Generation’. Annalise, Kyle and Mia read the proclamation the Infant classes had been working on. Alex McHale did the honours for 1st & 2nd class while James Bellew read the 3rd &4th class work. Lastly Tom read the proclamation the 5th & 6th class had been working on.

We finished the outdoor part of our ceremony by singing our national anthem once again. We then made our way indoors to perform our Irish poems and songs we had been working on.

Thank you to all the children for their hard work in preparing for today’s ceremony. It was a very special occasion and one I hope they will remember for years to come!

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Here are some pictures from our assembly. Each class performed a song or poem as Gaeilge. 5th & 6th Class made a film as Gaeilge and we watched that at the end. Well done everyone!

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