Online Payments 2020

Online Payments 2020

Online Payments

We are delighted to announce that we are rolling out the Aladdin ePayment system to parents/guardians of children in our school. Our school uses the Aladdin software service for administrative purposes and the ePayment system will give you access from an internet browser on your computer, phone or tablet to make secure payments to the school using your credit or debit card. The purpose of the ePayment system is to facilitate the easier payment of school money collections for parent/guardians and to reduce the amount of cash and cheques being sent into our school.

A payment access link is on the school website under the “Booklist” tab. This link will ask you to input your email address. This will bring you to a parent payment page which will contain all payments requested for all siblings in a family. There is only one link per family ensuring you have the option to pay all amounts due for all your children in one transaction. Once you have completed your payment, you will be issued with a reference number. You will also receive an email receipt which will contain details of the transaction and reference number.


Payment Access Link:

To receive a link to a list of payment requests for your child from your school, please enter your email address and click send. Once you have pressed send please check the email account entered for your payment link.

Please note your school must have your email address on file.