Maths Trails

We rounded off Maths Week 2016 with a trail today.

Well done and thank you to the children in 5th & 6th class and their teacher, Miss Clayton, for creating the trails!

img_2176 img_2177 img_2178 img_2179 img_2180 img_2181 img_2182 img_2183 img_2184 img_2185 img_2186 img_2187 img_2188 img_2189 img_2190 img_2191 img_2192 img_2193 img_2194 img_2195 img_2196 img_2197 img_2198 img_2199 img_2200 img_2201 img_2202 img_2203 img_2204 img_2205 img_2206 img_2207 img_2209 img_2208