Literacy Stations

Today we did Literacy Stations in the Infant Classroom.

The class was divided into 4 groups, 2 from Junior Infants and 2 from Senior Infants.

There were 4 stations set up in the classroom.

The first station was Independent Writing. Here the children had to do one page of handwriting on their own.

Station two  was reading. Mrs. Ryan read with the Senior Infant groups and listened to the Junior Infant sounds.

The next station was a matching sound game. Mrs. Kennedy played a jigsaw game with the children. They had to match the correct sound to the picture.

The last station was Whiteboard letter formation. Here each child had a whiteboard. Ms. O’Loughlin wrote a sound on her whiteboard and the children had to copy it on theirs.

Each group worked at their station for ten minutes before they moved onto the next activity.

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