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ICT to Support Learning

ICT to Support Learning

Children learn in a variety of different ways here at Mount Hanover.

These children are using a talking dictionary on the tablet to learn new words and meanings.

img_3288 img_3289

Using “Fuzzbuzz” to reinforce reading skills.

img_3290 img_3291 img_3300

Using Google Docs to complete some typing activities.

img_3292 img_3293 img_3294

A program called “Hairy Phonics” is using to develop phonological awareness.

img_3295 img_3296 img_3298

img_3310 img_3309 img_3308

“My Reading List” an app used to support the teaching of the Dolch Words.

img_3306 img_3305 img_3304 img_3303 img_3302 img_3301