Design-a-Card: Christmas Cards 2020

Design-a-Card: Christmas Cards 2020

Our school is participating in a unique fundraiser with

Each child will get the opportunity to design their own Christmas card, a sample of which will be sent home giving you the option to purchase packs of cards or any of the optional extra Christmas gifts if you wish.

The templates are being sent home with the children this week.

Please note the following:

  • Materials to be used by pupils are felt tip pens, coloured pencils, twistables or water-based paint only.
  • Please do not use glitter or glue.
  • The design is to be completed inside the square on the template. Any artwork outside that area will be lost.
  • When the students are finished their designs please return them to the class teachers.

Templates are to be returned to the class teachers by Friday October 2nd.