Christmas Play

Preparations are well underway in the Infant classroom for the Nativity play “Born in a Barn”.

Parents please note the following:

  • Children must bring their own costumes in by Tuesday.
  • Please have the costume fully labelled.

Here are some costume ideas which you may find useful:

Cows: Black clothing with some white.

Mice: Grey items of clothing e.g. jumper and trousers, or “onesie”.

Camels: Brown clothing. Please do not worry about the camel humps!

Sheep: Any white items of clothing or a sheep “onesie”.

Mary: Blue and white dress with headpiece.

Joseph: Headdress and cloak.

Angels: White outfits with wings if possible.

Cockerel: Brown or orange clothing.

Owl: Brown, grey or white clothing.

Dog: Brown/grey/black or white.

Cat: Black/grey/brown or white.

Donkey: Grey clothing or “onesie”.

Thank you!