Christmas Assembly

The Christmas Assembly was held today!

Well done to the following prize winners:

Pupil of the Month: Junior Infants: Holly Doyle, Frieda Smyth. Senior Infants: Emma Cudden, Kyle Scully. First Class: Megan Roberts, Erik Roberts. Second Class: Adam Dowd, Cailíosa Miland. Third Class: Lee Callaghan, Jake Lawlor. Fourth Class: Luke Dalton, Jamie Hoey. Fifth Class: Aaron McEnteggart, Cillian Kirwan. Sixth Class: Amy Callaghan, Ally Sullivan.

Handwriting Awards: Junior Infants: Alex Kelly Senior Infants: Isobel Wright First Class: Freya Manley Second Class: Carla Woods Third Class: James Bellew Fourth Class: Loclainn Harris Fifth Class: Jamie Dunne Sixth Class: Emily McGreal

Gaeilgeoir Na Míosa: Naoinín: Ava McEnteggart, Eve Taylor. Rang 1: Senan McGinty Rang 2: Eva Gallagher Rang 3: Nicole Hoey Rang 4: Conor McGinty Rang 5: Tom Bowden Rang 6: Amy Bellew

Here are some pictures!

SDC13599 SDC13566 SDC13567 SDC13568 SDC13571 SDC13573 SDC13574 SDC13576 SDC13577 SDC13578 SDC13579 SDC13580 SDC13581 SDC13582 SDC13583 SDC13584 SDC13585 SDC13587 SDC13588 SDC13589 SDC13590 SDC13591 SDC13592 SDC13593 SDC13594 SDC13595 SDC13596 SDC13597 SDC13598