5K Food Reception

After the 5K run there will be tea, coffee and finger food in the Parish Centre.

We would like to ask each family to help prepare food for the reception.

We would appreciate it if parents could confirm what food they are preparing with a text to 0876132633.

Some suggestions are:

Junior Infants: Scones

Senior Infants: Rocky Road/ Rice Krispie Buns

1st Class: Cheese Sandwiches

2nd Class: Sponge Cakes

3rd Class: Ham Sandwiches

4th Class: Salad Sandwiches

5th Class: Apple Tarts

6th Class: Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Food may be dropped off to the Parish Centre on the morning of the run between 9-11am or on Saturday to Maura Lewis or Rosie Dowd.

For more information please contact the number listed above!