Primary School Pupil Personal Accident 2020/21

Primary School Pupil Personal Accident 2020/21

Primary School Pupil Personal Accident 2020/21

The Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Insurance Policy covers your child for medical and dental expenses which you incur following an accident not recoverable from another source.

✔ Option to choose 24/7 protection – the 24 hour option covers your child 365 days a year.
✔ No Excess applies to our pupil personal accident policy ensuring you can claim all insured expenses, not recoverable from another source, and not just a portion of them.
✔ Medical & dental expense benefits of up to €50,000 each.
✔ Efficient claims process.

You may choose between the following options:

School Activities Only:
Covers your child for any activity usual to the school, carried out with the full knowledge of the Board of Management, including direct travel to and from such activities.
• Only €6 per child

24 Hour Cover:
Covers your child 24 hours a day for both school activities and social, domestic and pleasure activities (including during school holidays).
• Only €9 per child

An online payment link has been set up via Aladdin. You may choose to pay €6 for school related activities or €9 for 24hr cover. This can be done by clicking “change amount” beside your child’s name on the payment page.

The payment page can be found here:

Please ensure that payment is made on or before Wednesday September 23rd.

The attached form shows the detailed schedule of benefits. Please note there is no requirement to complete and return the form.

Once payment has been made via Aladdin your child will be included in the scheme.

Many thanks,
Lorraine O’Loughlin

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