Show and Tell

Dear Parents,

I would like to have a “Show and Tell” time monthly in our classroom this year beginning Friday September 26th 2014 with the children in Senior Infants.  Below is a schedule of the day your child should bring ONE item in.  Items may include pictures, toys, special trinkets, etc.  Please note that the item should be able to fit into your child’s bag and will remain there until the end of the school day. (Show and Tell time will be from approximately 1:30-1:45.)

Students will also be responsible for the safety of their item. My goal is to have the students tell what they brought in a complete sentence, tell a couple of things about the item, and will then answer 3 questions from classmates about the item.

September 26th October 24th November 28th December 12th
Erik Roberts Evan Hoey Francesco Oliveri Orioles Megan Roberts
Cian Byrne Alex Lewis Senan McGinty Jasmine Ryan Mulcahy
Alex Smyth Peter Bellew Amy McEnteggart Heidi-Jane Smyth
Freya Manley

Many thanks,

Lorraine O’Loughlin