Parents Association AGM

The Parents Association of Mount Hanover School would like to welcome you back after the summer break and would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new families.
We will be having our AGM on Wednesday the 30th September @ 7:30pm in the school.

We would encourage all parents to come along as this is your opportunity to provide your input.
The aims of the Association are:
*To exchange practical participation and cooperation
between parents and teachers
*To provide information for Parents as requested, by way of discussion, talk etc.
*To encourage practical assistance in the school
*To provide a forum for the exchange of information between the Board of Management and the Parents Association
*To raise funds for extra expenses incurred in the running of the school
Last Year we had our usual fundraising events such as the Halloween, Easter & Christmas raffles.

Additional fundraising events also included a Coffee morning, a school disco, a pancake morning, church gate collection, bake sale, sponsored walk and our school fete.
Monies raised from these events were used to pay for buses to football trips, medals for sports day and refreshments for school events.

In recent years school grants have been cut and on occasion the school have had to come to the Parents Association to obtain money for essentials such as school insurance & purchase of books for the book rental scheme. In the current climate it is essential that
the Parents Association are able to continue with their various fundraising activities. To this end we would welcome new parents to the committee, with fresh ideas, energy & enthusiasm.

We would ask that at least one Parent/Guardian from each family to come along to the AGM on Wednesday evening.

There will be Tea and Coffee available from 7pm.

Alongside the AGM John McWeeney (BOM Chairperson) will be in attendance to provide an update on the building of the General Purpose room.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and generous support over the last year. Thank you!