Back to School: Important Information

Back to School: Important Information

We are looking forward to welcoming back the students from 3rd – 6th Class on Monday March 15th.

Just a few points to note prior to their return:

  • School Boxes: Please return the school boxes with the children’s books and materials. Please wipe down and sanitise these items before return.
  • Declaration: A Return to Education declaration must be completed for each child prior to their return. The children are not permitted to return until this form is completed. You will find the link to this form on Class Dojo.
  • Drop Off: A staggered drop off is in place from 8.50 – 9.20. Children are not permitted to enter the school yard until the teachers are on duty. Please “drop and go”.
  • Collection: A staggered collection is in place. The buses will depart first followed by 1st/2nd & siblings at 2.40. 3rd/4th & siblings at 2.45. 5th/6th at 2.50. Please arrive as close to your appointed time as possible. This will greatly help traffic congestion and ensure a smooth collection for all. The past two weeks, the cars from the 1st/2nd home time have all departed within 2 -3 minutes of collection. This means that there is then ample room for the cars from 3rd-4th to proceed to the school gates.  Children are to proceed straight to their cars and there will be no play time in the yard. If you must exit your vehicle at collection time, please wear a mask and observe social distancing of 2m. These are necessary precautions as we want the school to remain a safe place for all.
  • Healthy Lunch: We have a healthy eating policy in place. Please pack a healthy lunch for your child (no treats, chocolate, fizzy drinks etc.) Please note that we are a “Nut Free” School so do not pack nut based products for your child’s lunch.
  • School Uniform: The children are to wear their school uniforms as normal. They may wear their tracksuits on PE days only. The class teachers will advise you as to your child’s PE day.

Many thanks for giving this your attention.

Kind regards,

L O’Loughlin