School Drop Off/Collection

School Drop Off/Collection

We ask for your continued cooperation with our staggered drop off and collection times. This is especially important as the country is now under Level 5 restrictions.

Please adhere to the afternoon collection times and arrive at your appointed time. The purpose of these times is to avoid congregation at the school wall. If everyone adheres to these times, we will have less traffic congestion and it will be easier for all to arrive, pick up their children and leave.

The appointed times are as follows:
Pat’s Bus: 2.30
Mick’s Bus: 2.35
1st/2nd Class & siblings: 2.40
3rd/4th Class & siblings: 2.45
5th/6th Class: 2.50

We respectfully ask that parents do not congregate at the school gate/wall at morning and evening times.
We would also encourage the wearing of masks as anything that will help the school community to stay healthy and halt the spread of the virus is very much appreciated at this time.