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a mhothú: to feel

Part of speech: verb Example sentence:Tá áthas orm go bhfuil tú ag mothú níos fearr. Sentence meaning: I am glad that you’re feeling better.

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cuidiú: help

Part of speech: noun Example sentence:Go raibh maith agat as do chuidiú. Sentence meaning: Thank you for all your help.

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an caife: coffee

Part of speech: noun Example sentence:Ar mhaith leat cupán caife? Sentence meaning: May I offer you some coffee?

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an ticéad: ticket

Part of speech: noun Example sentence:Ba mhaith liom ceist a chur ort faoi mo thicéid. Sentence meaning: I would like to ask you about my

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te: hot

Part of speech: adjective Example sentence:Tá sé te agus tais. Sentence meaning: It is hot and humid.

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amárach: tomorrow

Part of speech: adverb Example sentence:Beidh an aimsir go hiontach amárach. Sentence meaning: The weather will be great tomorrow.

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