Board of Management Election

The new Board of Management of our School for the next four years has to be in place by December 1st.  The New Board will consist of 2 elected Parents – 1 Father and 1 Mother; 2 Nominees of the Patron, i.e. the Bishop, 2 Teachers (Principal + 1 other teacher) and 2 people from the local community making a total of 8 members on the Board.

Under the Data Protection Act 1988 we first have to seek your permission to allow your  name to go forward on the list of eligible fathers and mothers for election.

Becoming a member of the Board should not demand too much of your time.  There is a basic requirement of 5 meetings per year.  However, should any issues arise there may be more meetings needed.

If you are interested in being nominated as parent nominee to the Board of Management please complete, sign and date the Consent Form (which was sent home today) and return it to the school no later than November 6th so that the school may furnish your details to other parents. If your spouse/partner (being a parent of a child in the school) wishes to be nominated s/he must furnish the school with a separate Consent Form.